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Modular Soft Wall Cleanrooms
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Portable Softwall CleanroomSoft wall rooms are an economical choice when creating clean air islands, and their transportability gives you the utmost flexibility. They consist of HEPA ceiling modules, lights, support members and vinyl curtains.

As in all clean rooms, the number of HEPA ceiling modules used will determine the class level at which the room will operate. The ceiling modules are mounted on an aluminum T-grid that is bolted to tubular steel legs. The room is easily assembled or dissembled with hand tools. By adding casters, it becomes mobile.

Recessed or tear drop fluorescent lighting provides in excess of 100 foot candles of illumination at work surface height. Noise levels conform to or are better than OSHA standards.

Clear vinyl curtains attach to the leg assembly by Velcro strips and are hemmed and weighted at the bottom. Other enclosure materials are available. Each clean air HEPA ceiling module features a 115V AC, 60 HZ, 1 phase backward curve motorized impeller with an output air velocity of 90 fpm +/- 20 fpm at up to 1.2 inches water static pressure. Supply air is prefiltered thru a top removable polyfiber prefilter. The final HEPA filter is 99.99% efficient on all particles 0.3 micron or greater, meeting requirements of Fed. Std. 209E.

Each clean room is custom designed to your specific dimensions and requirements.

When comparing modular rooms, be sure to evaluate the strength and durability of the frame material. Also, ascertain whether the manufacturer's class certification is "as built" or "in use". Certification "in use" will require much more air filtration.

"A", "B", and "C" per customer requirement

Typical Components
1- Ceiling tiles
2- Tubular support frame
3- Vinyl Curtains
4- Fan powered HEPA module
5- Light fixture

HEPA filters 99.99% on .3 micron particle. ULPA filters on .1 micron.

Variable speed drive is adjustable to 90 FPM
Standard is 115 volt, single phase.
Can be 230, or other voltages as specified.

Light level is a minimum of 100 foot-candles at work height. Fluorescent fixtures give easy
disconnection and access.

Noise Level:
Rated at less than 65 decibels

Optional Equipment:
Air conditioning
Separate gowning area
Swivel casters
Amber lights and curtains

This clean room meets all the requirements of federal standard 209E