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Laminar Flow Transport Cart
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Laminar Flow Transport CartTransport carts prevent contamination of parts, materials or mixtures that move through processing areas, some of which may not be "clean" . In medical or pharmaceutical facilities, sterile drugs can safely move through potentially contaminated areas. Carts are also valuable for temporary storage.

The distance to be traveled is most important in determining overall design. If travel will be 50-75 feet or less, then the unit can be electric powered, which will allow for a more spacious, lighter, and energy efficient cart, at a lower cost. Greater distance will require battery power, meaning space and power must be allocated for the batteries, and their weight.

Once the power train is established, other options are:
- Material of construction: laminate, stainless steel over laminate, or all stainless steel.
- Interior shelves: laminate, steel, Plexiglas
- Interior lighting
- Interlock to control air handling system
- Custom sizes

Model Shown is LFT24-30B
Battery powered, horizontal flow cart with 24" x 24" x 24" interior space

Custom sizes and configurations are available
Specifications / general characteristics:
- Air filtration: Prefilter is 35% efficient. HEPA filter is 99.97% effective on
particles .3 micron and larger.
- Air flow: 90 fpm providing Class 100 air per Fed spec. 209E (ISO Class 3)
- Battery Motor: 12 volt, powered by storage batteries with trickle charger, with 3-4 hour run time.
- Electric motor: 110 / 220 volt, 60 cycle, single phase.

- Lighting (available under electric power): standard or UV.
- Shelving: Stainless steel, laminate, or Plexiglas.
- Anti-static materials and grounding.