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Laminar Flow Workstations
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Horizontal Laminar Flow WorkstationLaminar flow work stations provide a clean (Class 100 or Class 10) work area for a variety of processes. The units are actually very simple and rarely need maintenance other than periodic filter changes. Our "Absolute" series includes a disposable plenum with a permanently installed HEPA filter. The advantage of this configuration is that it eliminates potential gasket seal problems, and makes replacement quite simple.

Heavy duty square tubular steel frame with epoxy finish. Fits under an 8' high ceiling. Transportable: each unit is independent and can be moved from place to place at any time. Vibration free: no direct transmittal of vibration since all mechanical equipment is mounted on separate legs from the work surface. We save floor space since blowers and filters are located overhead. Ease of maintenance: Disposable prefilters and HEPA filters are easy to get to.

(Custom sizes are available)
Widths available: 50", 62", 74", 98"
Overall height: 96"
Work Surface Height: 36" or 30"

-Red or amber Plexiglas (Clear is standard)
-Gold or red lamps (Cool white is standard)
-Work surface of stainless steel or polypropylene (Formica is standard for solid top work deck.)
-Sinks, stainless steel or plastic all with required plumbing connections and fittings available.
-Electrical outlets, plug mold or convenience outlets
-Magnehelic static pressure gauge, to indicate filter change
-Ultra violet lights
-Remote plumbing controls
-Cold rolled or stainless steel
-Work height: 36" will be furnished unless otherwise specified.
-Color: Standard is white laminate or epoxy paint on steel. Control panel is a contrasting color.