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Desicator CabinetsDry boxes are excellent for storing components, chemicals, biological materials, and other work in process that requires a clean and dry environment. Every unit is built to order, which allows design to your complete specifications. Considerations are item size, quantity, packaging, photosensitivity, static dissipation, and monitoring needs. This will dictate the overall size of the cabinet, as well as the number of shelves and compartments.

Each cabinet will support pressure sufficient to prevent atmospheric inflow when closed. Inert gas inflow ports are provided as needed. Shelves may be perforated to allow gas flow between compartments.

We offer two basic constructions:
Stainless steel and glass - Clear Acrylic

Amber acrylic - Support cart - Side door for pass-through - Removable / adjustable shelves
Perforated shelves - ESD glass laminate