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Features: Class 100 Air - Fluorescent lighting - Microprocessor control - Emergency stop/alarm
- 1 year warranty
Construction: Laminate - Epoxy painted steel - Stainless steel

Air ShowerAir showers and tunnels are an excellent way to reduce the contaminants that people carry into or out of controlled environments. These units supply concentrated, class 100 air at velocities up to 8000 feet per minute as the individuals stand in a shower or walk through a tunnel. This air effectively removes particulates and drives them down to the filtration system.

A microprocessor controlled interlock, which may be electrical or mechanical, assures that entry and exit doors are open and closed at the proper time. Our air showers also feature an emergency release that will override the operating cycle. Locks also automatically release in case of a power failure.

Key considerations in designing an air shower or tunnel are the floor plan you need and the number of personnel involved. Using a combination of straight, right or left angle, and U shapes, it is possible to make any connection between the clean room and
another processing or break area.

The number of people involved will affect the optimum size for the air shower. A typical shower cycle runs for about one minute plus entry and exit time, and a 4 foot square shower can accommodate two people. Thus, the time it takes for people to go through the shower will impact the operation of the clean room , and must be considered.

Air Shower / Tunnel Floor Plans